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Gazelle Coach Michael Madison to Bike Across Burundi

Mar 18, 2014

Austin, Texas - March 18, 2014 - On Sunday, May 18, Michael Madison will embark on a 420-mile bike ride around the country of Burundi, Africa to raise money and awareness for the Gazelle Foundation. The Austin-based nonprofit has been building water systems in Burundi for seven years, to date providing access to clean water for over 25,000 citizens.

Home of local running celebrity Gilbert Tuhabonye, the country was mired in civil war from 1993 to 2008. According to World Bank statistics Burundi ranks behind only the Congo as the poorest country on the globe. In 1993, Tuhabonye – co-founder of the Gazelle Foundation – survived a genocide attack that took the lives of more than 100 classmates and ignited 15 years of civil unrest.

The seven day ride will take Michael Madison around the outer edges of the country, where he will average about 60 miles per day through elevations at times eclipsing 6,000 feet. Located just south of the equator, Burundi has a temperate, tropical climate throughout the year.

Bike Across Burundi began in 2013 by Simon Guillebaud, a long-time missionary to the country. The group plans to raise at least $250,000 with the funding going towards the Gazelle Foundation as well as Guillebaud’s Great Lakes Outreach charity.

“It’s an exciting adventure to be a part of this year and I hope that through my efforts we can help put Burundi on the map for people and they will see the need,” said Michael Madison. “Considering the recent turbulent times, Burundi has come a very long way to even be able to offer the ride. The country still needs the most basic necessities, most importantly, clean water for its people.”

For more information about the Bike Across Burundi ride and/or the Gazelle Foundation, please visit

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