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Own A Bike? Register It With APD In Case It Ever Goes Missing!

Feb 12, 2014

APD has a bike registration program that can be accessed from your home computer and allow you to input all the necessary information to have your bike registered with APD. If your bike goes missing and is recovered by the police we can use the information you provided to get your bike back to you. It is as easy as filling in a few blanks. And after you have completed it, you should make a copy of the information and keep it in a wallet, purse or backpack. This way if something happens, you are ready.

To register your bicycle just copy and paste the address below into your web browser: overlay-context=user

Along with registering your bicycle you can also take steps to not be a victim of theft.

First and foremost everyone should have a good U-lock to secure their bike. Many people buy $500-$1000 bikes every day and then buy the cheapest lock to secure it. Cable locks can be easily cut with large wire cutters and even the larger ones will be defeated given enough time. A good U-Lock is what all the pros use and so should you.

Secondly, be mindful where you park you bike. Is it well lit? Is it a bike rack or some tree or fence? Always put your bike on a bike rack when possible and in a well-lighted area and not in dark locations just because it is close.

When at home, place your bike in a secured area such as a garage or storage area. Leaving it under a car port or on the outside front rail makes it easy for someone to see it and attempt to take it.

By doing these things you can take steps to avoid being a victim of bike theft and help aid in the recovery if you are a victim.

Thanks for your time and be safe.

Sergeant John Spillers
Region 1 Command DTAC District Representatives Unit
Austin Police Department

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