Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where do the Gazelles meet?

A. Beginning in October 2015 Gilbert's Gazelles was proud to call Luke's Locker home. They are located on the north side of the Pfluger Bridge, at 115 Sandra Muraida Way. For the majority of workouts & long runs, Gilbert's Gazelles meet at Luke's Locker and start the run from there. Beginners, Friendlies and Youth Gazelles, however, meet directly at the workout location. Be sure to check the online weekly workout calendar for these groups before heading out to the workout. Gazelles Core Classes are held 2203 Lake Austin Blvd.

Q. Do the Gazelles still meet at RunTex

A. The Gazelles met at RunTex up until April 2013 when the store unfortunately closed. Gilbert has been friends with the owner - Paul Carrozza - since the early 2000's and still maintains that relationship. The running group has moved on from our home that we affectionately called the "Annex" and now proudly calls Luke's Locker home.

Q. I registered online but can't log in to the website! Help!
Q. I forgot my password. Help!
Q. Help! I can't log in!

A. First, if you're a new member, did you receive an email when you registered? If you have not read it, here's what it says:

Before you can log in to the website your online registration must be approved by a Gazelles administrator.

Once your registration is approved you will receive a confirmation email and will be able to log in.

Did you receive the confirmation email?

Have you tried to reset your password.

Finally, attempt to reset your cookies and internet history related to Visit HERE for more details.

Q. I'm confused by the sign up process. What gives?

A. The confusion arises because registering for the website and signing up for a training class are two different things. Just because you registered online does not mean you are signed up for and can attend a class. And just because you went to class does not mean you are signed up and approved online. Along those lines, you shouldn't "just show up" to a class without having talked to a staff member first because we want to do our due diligence in learning about you, your running history, and goals. The Gazelles aren't selective, we just want to best serve you and make sure you're in the correct Gazelle class (Beginner, Half Marathon, Marathon, etc.). And you can't log in to the website until an administrator confirms you.

So if you registered but can't log in, please contact us.

Q. Now with that out of the way, what is Gilbert's Gazelles?

A. Gilbert's Gazelles is the premier training group in Austin, Texas for all levels of runners and other athletes. Gilbert Tuhabonye is the founder and coach of the Gazelles. We serve everyone - Middle School, High School, Beginners, 5K/10K, Half Marathon and Marathon.

Q. Why should I join Gilbert's Gazelles? What will I get out of it?

A. You should join the Gazelles if you want to improve as a runner, get in better shape, have lots of fun, learn from one of the best coaches in the country and be a part of a friendly community. As with anything else, you will get out of the Gazelles what you put into it. We don't make guarantees, but the Gazelle training methods have produced positive (and in some cases astonishing) results for thousands of current and former Gazelles.

Q. Do I need to be a strong and/or fast runner to join Gilbert's Gazelles?

A. No. We have training groups for every level of runner, from beginner to high school to professional athlete. Whether you're training for your first 5k, you're just someone who likes to run, or you're trying to win the next Ironman triathlon, we have a training group that's the right fit for your abilities and fitness level.

Q. But I'm REALLY out of shape and I'm afraid I'll be intimidated running with those really fit, fast people I see on the Town Lake Trail.

A. Don't worry. We know everyone is at a different stage of fitness and ability, and all of our training groups are designed to be flexible enough to match your current level of fitness. There's no competition or judgment. If you're still hesitant, our Beginner Gazelles group is designed specifically for people just getting (back) in to shape. And besides, all the Gazelle runners, no matter what their ability or what group they are in, are super-friendly people and you'll only receive encouragement and courtesy from the whole Gazelle community.

Q. So what is the training actually like?

A. All of our groups incorporate a variety of workouts, focusing on speed, strength, endurance and flexibility. One session might be on a track, another on the trail, and still another on the road. Distances and intensity vary. Most Gazelles like to train hard, but they also train smart and have fun. We also have a Friendly Gazelles class that's very laid back and not the least bit competitive or intense.

Q. Will I get individual training, or will I get lost in a big training group?

A. You will train as part of the group, but you certainly won't get lost and you will definitely receive individual training. Gilbert keeps an eye on everyone and notes their progress and addresses their needs individually.

Q. Will Gilbert actually be coaching me?

A. Yes, Gilbert personally coaches most of our training groups. The remote locations have other coaches and some groups may also have other coaches who assist Gilbert. Gilbert is available to all members either on Saturdays or during office hours, typically on Friday mornings.

Q. How do I join?

A. Look over our training groups, then fill out the form on this page and someone will contact you with further instructions. Remember however, that class size is limited and not all groups may currently be taking new members. It's always best to contact us before signing up.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The cost for class varies. Typically, the event-based programs have our lower rates because it is a three to five month commitment. Please see the contact us.

Q. The pricing seems confusing. Can you help me?

A. As noted above, the cost for class varies. If you're joining a general program like the Beginners, 5K/10K, or Friendly then the cost is $140 for the first two months. That's not $140 each month for two months, it's $140 for two full months. After those two months are over the month-to-month price is $75. If you have been a member for a year then you receive a 5% discount, two years is 10% and three years or more is 15%.

Q. How can I pay?

You may pay Gilbert, or one of the coaches directly by check or cash, or you can pay online with your credit card. You may pay one month at a time or prepay for multiple months.

If you have other questions, contact us or request more information.

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